Superman Is Back Confronts Dad Where Are We Going

The air time of KBS2 TV new entertainment program, "Superman Is Back" has been confirmed.

On Oct 17, KBS announced that start from Fall 2013 and effective since Oct 21, "Superman is Back" will be a part of Happy Sunday and airs every Sunday at 4.55 PM. "Superman Is Back" fulfills Happy Sunday Mammamia vacancy which has moved to 11.10 PM Wednesday. Superman Is Back will confronting Dad Where Are We Going with their same broadcast time.

According to the show that aired their pilot during last Chuseok, Superman is Back was featuring Actor Jang Hyunsung, MMA Fighter Chu Sunghoon, Gagman Lee Hwijae, and Singer Lee Hyunwoo. The program has received positive responses. Due to conflict schedules, Lee Hyunwoo can't continue the show and will be replaced by Tablo.

In DWAWG, Celebrity Dads goes traveling together with their children as family entertainment program, while "Superman Is Back" has similar content which celebrity dads and their children will be appearing together in the show.

But instead of take their kids on vacation, the program is focusing on stars sent their wives on two days vacation, the husbands (celebrity dads) takes care of the kids for two days without their wives.